Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2-

The past few days have been another difficult one. The clouds that have been hanging over us continues.  It is with a broken heart that I write that our friend, Andrew, has passed and went to be with the Lord on Saturday.  I am grief-stricken for his family but am finally at peace with the knowledge that God has greater plans than I will ever be phantom and am happy that Andrew is no longer in pain and suffering.  He is a true inspiration and his sweet smile will be missed. 

We had our weekly appointment today and it was so strange to walk the halls of Luries knowing that the Park family was not there.  Although we didn't see them often it was a great comfort to know that Joe was there and if really need, he would be a floor or two below us to offer us a strong hug and prayers.  We slowly spoke to Connor a week in advance that Andrew was getting worse but that he was fighting and we spoke to him about heaven.  We broke the news that Andrew did not make it and Connor's first concern was is Andrew's dad crying? We answered a few questions and then he went on to what he was doing.  He talks about Andrew's passing every day usually to ask one or two questions so I know that he is slowly trying to process it in his own way.  However, it was heartbreaking at the hospital today because as soon as we got to the elevator he asked if Andrew was still here.  And then he asked if Mr. Joe was at the hospital still. As I answered him, his face fell and he quietly asked "so, we'll never see Andrew again?" Too much for a child to comprehend.  And then he recollected how Andrew played video games with him at the Kohl's house and how that was the last time he saw him. Andrew made quite an impression on Connor- Andrew was in a lot of pain (ended up in the E.R. an hour later) but he took the time to play video games with Connor and he made Connor feel normal and happy to have that moment with this big teenager that he called his friend who was so brave and courageous.   Right now, Connor pictures Andrew up in heaven eating cheetos, gum and candy :) and he wanted to know if Andrew may have found a REAL Ben 10 watch in heaven.   I know that Connor will have deeper tougher questions for me later and those will be difficult to answer but I know that Andrew is at peace and I can give Connor that comfort. 

We stopped G-CSF on Saturday and within that 1 days time his count have dropped dramatically- it is quite worrisom and I just pray that we didn't do too much damage to his already weak immune system.  He continues to need blood and platelets and we are almost at the half way point and his immune system should be coming back up on its own. The doctors did another chimerism test to see if any donor cells exist- this may be our last one if they show the same results as last time. 

Please say a special prayer for the Park family as they grieve the loss of their precious son. They have given us so much encouragement the past few months and we wish that there was just something that we could do for them during this time. 

Please pray for Connor's immune system to jump start and start producing something and continue producing it independently. He is still at very high risk for all infections and although we are home, he has not been able to play with any of his friends.

Finally, please lift up our friend Nancy as she is in ICU with complications from a heart attack that she suffered 2 weeks ago.  She is a very important person in our lives and especially Connor's life, she was one of a few people he would facetime with while he was undergoing his treatment. 

Have a very safe independence day weekend and enjoy the time spent with your children.


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Anonymous said...

I've lost faith in God

Anonymous said...

When life seems unfair, remember that the cross was unfair. When life seems unjust, remember that God is always just. Sometimes, we tend to think God is smaller than our sins and real world problems. We need to remember that our God is bigger. Please don't loose faith in God, cause He never lost faith in you all.

Anonymous said...

If you lose Faith in God because of this, I'm sorry to say, you have had no faith to begin with. How can men question God's plans? Have faith that God will use this for His glory and that Connor's life will not have been in vain. I believe that through this, God will make amazing things happen.

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Praying that Connor's numbers rebound dramatically and miraculously! I'm so sorry to hear about Andrew. What a wonderful young man he must have been. We are praying for his family, and for yours.

Love, Stacey Hartman
Josh is ready to play as soon as Connor is! :)