Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 29

Hello All-
I hope you had a wonderful week.  We have really enjoyed being at home and Connor has been very happy to be home.  He commented that he would endure the pain of the mucositis in his intestines as long as he was home - didn't realize how homesick he was :(  We have been to the hospital twice this week, for blood, platelets, IVIG and patamadine-they were both very long days.  What is amazing is that his energy level was so high that you would never know that his hemoglobin and platelets were low. It truly is amazing how resilient children are- they just don't know that they are sick.  I am finally happy to report some good news- with the help of G-CSF, his counts are slowly coming back up.  His neutrophils are higher than before we went into transplant and his white blood cells have doubled.  We are hoping that they will continue to stay up and continue producing cells when we stop the G-CSF in 2 days. 

Please continue to lift Andrew and his family up in prayers. The doctors have informed the family that his lungs are not improved and all they can do at this time is to keep Andrew comfortable.  They were also told to gather the family and prepare to say your "goodbyes".  It is every parents worst nightmare and two very genuinely nice people have to live it.  Please pray for peace, comfort and guidance as they make this heart wrenching decision. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Many Thanks -



Janelle said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are slowly getting better. They say there's no place like home and that's definitely true. We are praying for Connor and Andrew many times a day.

Anonymous said...

It was a very hard journey for all of you. I pray that each day connors health will improve.

Lydia Ha said...

So thankful for the good news about Connor. He is such an amazing boy and tell him that his Naperville friends (that he's never met :) are praying for him daily. Some day we'd love to meet Kristin & Addison's brave cousin. Thanks for keeping us updated on Connor and letting us walk on this journey with you guys. You are loved!

Natalie Flood said...

Nice to read some good news about Connor! Hope it keeps getting better. So sad for Andrew and his family.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are improving, even if slowly. What's important is Connor's happiness and it sounds like he's very happy to be home. Hoping and praying for him and for Andrew and his family.
Linda Noto

Anonymous said...

So glad Connor's counts are going back up..that is good news! It has been great to see Connor playing--you are right, you'd never know all he's been through. He is a very remarkable young man, with amazing parents. We continue to pray for all. Steve and Heather

Anonymous said...

So so happy for this good news! You Lims are all pretty amazing!! Praying that you can keep this good news going and going.

Many prayers for Andrew and his parents.

Say hi to Connor for me?

With all my love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the good news about Conner.

All of our love and prayers are with you.

We will pray for Andrew and his family.

John and Shannon